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Mission ~ Why are we here?

In many ways it is hard to pinpoint why we are here. We began because Bob Lovins dreamed of having a Southern Baptist Church in Middlebury. He turned that dream into a Bible study and then a preaching point. Our pastor and his wife came, not knowing why, but because he believed that God had called them. After 42 years of service to the Middlebury area perhaps looking back provides a more accurate glimpse of why we are here.


Grace Baptist Church provides an open door to those in our community who want to hear the Bible consistently taught as the accurate and trustworthy Word of God. We take great joy in any teacher, preacher, song, or book that will lift us up into the presence of God, and assure us that we are loved and that God can be trusted. We are a welcoming fellowship where you can find friends from many backgrounds. We like to talk and visit with one another and sometimes find it hard to get away after a service. We find that we enjoy good music as much as we enjoy good preaching. We take great joy in encouraging each other and are delighted with the many friends and students we have known who have gone on to serve the Lord in a variety of capacities. To summarize come and worship with us and be loved, learn of Jesus, sing and celebrate our wonderful salvation, and let us help and encourage you to go out and serve our Lord, who died for us that we might live in Him.

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